Some applications require high reliability. For instance for the manufacturing of flexible oil drillings that are produced in ​​continuous mode and are made in one piece, without possibility of interruption. The dosing of stearate is essential to provide lubrication in the extruder and ensure quality consistency. MCPI offers micro feeders for stearate powder, operating successfully despite the difficulty of this very hygroscopic powder. The design of the dispenser has been studied to allow the implantation onto the plastic granules feeder, an accurate dose of 7 grams is provided every 12 seconds.                     

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The feeder housing   is designed to prevent any risk of intrusion of foreign materials into the extruder. To avoid any risk of powder deposits in the swivelling bowl or in the funnel, these 2 parts are subjected to vibration during emptying. The micro feeder provides a total cycle time of 12 seconds for a dose of 7 grams. The batch controller provides  a full management of the production cycle, alarms, and traceability.

Résults: Set point : 7.0 grams, standard deviation 27 mg

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