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Micro feeder with swivelling bowl mounted on scales yes

3 A  and  4A class yes
Hygienic design yes / no
Table top feeders yes


Accurate micro feeder for pharmaceutical industries

Hygienic micro feeders for pharmaceutical applications. This feeder can work under laminar flow. 

Dispensing from 50 mg to 2000 mg, fast dosing time (1000 mg in less than 12 sec)

4A class - scales resolution : 0.1 mg. 



Hygienic micro feeder, for filling of cups in pharma industry.

Feeding : 0.2 - 5 g +/- 0.05 g.  3A class - scales resolution : 2 mg.    


Accurate feeder for the filling of explosive powders.

 4A  class:  250 to 1000 mg +/- 3 mg  with automatic reject of non conform doses.



Hygienic micro feeder, design to work with a great variety of powders.

High extraction capacity - Change of production and cleaning without few secondes - Feeding accuracy up to +/- 1 mg.

4A class - scales resolution : 0.1 mg.    


Micro filling of syringes and pots. 

Hygienic micro feeders for pharmaceutical applications. This feeder can work under laminar flow. 

3A class - scales resolution : 1 mg. 


Automatic  filling of small tubes. 

Micro filling system for barrels designed according to hygienic standards. The automatic positioning of the barrel under the feeder is performed during feeding sequence in the swivelling bowl. The parts in contact with the ingredient can be removed in seconds without tools and can be sterilized in an oven. The components of the feeder are protected by a dust-tight housing.


Micro feeder installed on an automatic line (with indexing table) in automotive industry

3A Class -  feeding:  2.0 g +/- 10 mg


Accurate micro filling

Automatic micro filling system for diamond powder.

4A class - scales resolution : 0.1 mg.

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