Weighed rotary bowls from  MCPI Fine dosing® are available for two types of applications:

  • Gravimetric feeding of dry materials:  The evolution of the mass in the container is measured by a load cell that is connected to a controller. This controller manages feeding flows (coarse and fine) and stops dosing.
  • Check weigher applications: Every piece that falls into the container is weighed and the weight is recorded. If the weight value is not within the tolerance range, then the piece is removed (or an alarm is activated).

Rotating scale B class: bowl volume up to 30 l - documentation


Feeding in a rotating bowl

with batch controllers from MCPI

Check weigher

With "Check weigher" controllers from MCPI

Principle - features:

  • Includes a high precision scale and a mechanical rotation system integrated into a housing made of stainless steel.
  • The numerous  combinations (range and accuracy of load cells, volumes of containers, types of controllers) meet most needs:
   Class    Resolution of the scale   Max. weighing range of the bowl "Feeding" application  "Control" application
B     1 g    5 kg yes no
A              100 mg     (0.1 g) 5 kg yes yes
2A               10 mg    (0.01 g) 500 grams yes yes
3A                2 mg   (0.002g)    50 grams yes yes
4A              0.1 mg (0.0001g) 50 grams yes no


Step 1:  Filling and weighing.

During this phase the mechanical rotation device is disconnected from the scale so as to not disturb the measurement.

Step 2:  Discharge.

The discharge of the bowl is achieved by rotation (pneumatical or electrical actuator).


Step 3:  End of discharge.

The hemispherical geometry of the bowl guarantees a complete emptying process (for sticky or sensitive ingredients to electrostatic attractions, it is possible to assist the discharge by micro-vibration or shock).

Step 4:  Return to "filling position"

The bowl is empty, ready for the next filling cycle.




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