For highest requirements in topping and decoration in food industry.

"The final touch is nothing more... than the difference."

MCPI Fine dosing multi heads feeders are the perfect tools for decoration of your products or adding minor ingredients. The original design offers major advantages, such as the capacity to work on large widths with flexible production configurations (changing the number and widths of the output tracks) to adapt the tool to your future needs... Reliable and hard wearing, these feeders can cope with production rates of up to 75 cycles per minute. The standard design meets all hygienic requirements and  the mobile "C" shape trolley facilitates off line cleaning operations).


Technical data

  Min. dosing time  : Min 0.3 sec, the control is made with an integrated mechatronic solution.
  Cadency (cycles/ minute)  : max 80 (depending on the dosing weight)
  Number of dosing tracks and width  :  Adjustable configuration: the number and width of tracks can be modified
  Max. width of the feeder  : Up to 2.5 m
Dosing range  : from 0.3 g up to 50 g (depending on the ingredient)
Cleaning  : Fast cleaning, opening without tools     
  Fabrication  : According to food industry standards.

Quality & flexibility



Feeder with 5 heads: this figure shows the relationship between dosing time and output flow rate. The powder is corn semolina.

Feeder with 5 heads with semolina, this figure shows  the flow rate on each of the 5 tracks for different dosing time (0.58", 0.73", 0.87").

The result of each point is the average of 15 values.



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