The first and probably the only completely hygienic loss - in - weight feeder !
MCPI ® Fine dosing weight loss feeders are unique for their original design, totally focused on processing and cleaning efficiencies.



A  unique and innovative design

  • The simple design: the drive and weighing sensors are protected in a Stainless steel housing.
  • The process performances, over the best screw feeders (for accuracy + extraction efficiency of difficult powders), in both batch or continuous process.
  • 100% hygienic design.
  • Maintenance free feeders ( no wearing parts).
  • Safe for users
                          Batch or continuous modes with dedicated controllers.






Range of products

Features   M size S size
Balance resolution from 2 grams 0.1 gram
Batch or continuous modes Yes Yes
Min continuous flow From 10 kg/h* From 1 kg/h*
Max continuous flow 500 kg/h* 20 kg/h
Min feeding quantity (in batch mode) from 100 grams from 5 grams

Design according GMP rules, Atex 2.1 (option).

Yes Yes

*Depend on the material

Hygienic loss in weight feeder with scattering function



Main advantages:

Feeding accuracy          

Thanks to the exclusive patented principle that offers:

  • A short reaction time and a reduced and constant overshoot
  • A large difference between coarse and fine flows (over 100 to 1). This point is essential to achieve a short dosing time and a good accuracy (in batch process).
  • A short term stability of the output flow (in continuous process).
Extraction of difficult materials
  • An effective extraction of the most difficult materials (eg pigments, aromas, TiO2, starch...).
  • As a consequence, our feeders don't need agitators in the storage hopper (advantages: safety, cleaning, maintenances).
  • With the same feeder, it is possible to work with abrasive ingredients (sand, glass..) or very cohesive powders.
  • A very wide range of ouput flow rates
Respect of material
  • The powder extracton is performed without mechanical friction.
  • The integrity of delicate ingredients is preserved, no compaction occurs during operation.
Hygienic design
  • Design free of retention area, the feeder drains completely. Within a few dozens of seconds, without tools, the parts in contact with the feeder are disassembled.
  • The material is only in contact with stainless parts.
  • Water resistant, the feeder can be washed with hot water. The inclined surfaces promote drainage).
  • All mechanical parts are protected in a housing (no more difficult parts to clean - eg: motor, load cells...)
Reduced maintenance
  • The absence of mechanical friction is synonymous with reduced wear.
  • An accidental intrusion of a foreign body along with the material has no consequence on the feeder (unlike screw feeders where the same cause produces irreversible damage).
Safety for operators
  • The maximum stroke of the mechanical parts is less than 2 mm, thus excluding safety risks.
  • No agitator or rotating parts inside the feeder.

MCPI weighing controllers designed for the operation of accurate feeders

MCPI Fine dosing ® : an exclusive and patented technology, for the highest level of performance

Hygienic design according the definition of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group):

  • Simple design rules
  • Easy access to all machine surfaces for cleaning, disinfection and inspection
  • Eliminating hidden areas where deposits and biofilm can accumulate
  • All surfaces in contact with the material are "FDA" conform .



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