Whatever the powder in question, it is likely that MCPI Fine dosing® technology will offer  very accurate dispensing, without modifying ingredients characteristics (like powder compaction, sedimentation or change in particle size...).  MCPI Fine dosing® micro feeders are perfectly adapted to laboratories or clean rooms, and are outstanding machines capable of enduring the most demanding industrial applications. Fine dosing principle generates no wear, as it do not cause any friction between the ingredient and the mechanical parts, It guarantees unmatched process endurance regerdless of competing technologies. See below some examples of integration onto industrial lines.                  

Application 1

Online automated pyrotechnical powder feeding: set point: 1 gram, cycle time 5 sec, operation 16 hours a day.


Micro feeder (3A class: scale resolution =1 mg) in operation on an automatic line working 16 hours a day. Total cycle time: 5 seconds, dosing tolerance: +/- 30 mg . Doses beyond tolerance are automatically rejected, this ensures  full production control.


Application 2

Automatic production of dental prosthetics with 2 zyrconium oxides and one aluminum oxide powders.

This production line for dental prosthetics is equipped with 3 micro feeders (2A class: balance resolution = 10 mg) dedicated to fine dispensing of aluminum and zyrconium oxides. After feeding, the 2 zyrconium powders are mixed in a micro blender (see above). Dispensing set point: 1-20 grams, standard deviation: 17 mg, cycle time for 10 grams: 7 seconds.

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